8 Types of People You Shouldn’t Date… Unless You Are In Their Category

For this post, I’m coming in hard because heaven knows that the people who fall into any of the categories below probably don’t deserve any love except from maybe their parents. I know no relationship is perfect, but if you belong to the categories below, then it is simply because you probably don’t really like yourself, so I don’t see how you can like someone else in a relationship.

Without further ado, here are 8 types of people that you shouldn’t date… unless you fall in their category (and if you do, you should really fix yourself up).

Mouth and body odour

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Have you ever been in a situation where someone with body/mouth odour brings out their essences? The smell actually gives me temporary amnesia. Yes, halitosis is a medical condition, I accept. However, the thing that annoys me about most of the people whose have mouth odours is simply because they don’t brush their mouths well. Because we were taught to “brush our teeth,” many forget that the tongue and gums are also included in this. And as for body odour, what ever happened to bathing well and using antiperspirants?

Bleachers creepers

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Think of that perfect light-skinned girl, that beautiful babe that just shines everywhere? Now imagine your shock when you get married and the child you give birth too is blacker than the night? That’s the problem with people that bleach. It only changes the colour of your skin, not your genes. And the amount of harm you are causing to your skin is enough proof that you don’t care about yourself, so how can you care about another person?

Having too much friends

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The ones that have too many friends are people you should definitely run away from. you can have acquaintances, colleagues, and people around you, but friends? If the person’s circle isn’t small, then you should be heading the other way. Imagine constantly being in the company of his many different friends? That just sounds very, very troublesome! Plus, such people tend to have more in their closets that they are letting on!

Talkative people

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Bottom line is, if you love your quiet and peace, and if you really love to hear yourself think, then a talkative person is clearly not someone you should consider dating because it is actually mentally exhausting.

Plastic Industry Ambassadors

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If you do a breast implant because of breast cancer, then that’s acceptable. But if the person does any implant or alteration to their body just to look sexier and stunt for the gram, or to get more attention, then I don’t think you need to know that such people are literally the definition of fake.


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If you prefer silence and the sound of crickets to being in someone’s company, then that person is someone you shouldn’t bother dating because of how boring the person is. Now imagine life with such a person. If you are boring, then you are probably doing it purposely. There are a lot of things you can be exposed to in this world right now to be “fun.”

Poor sense of humour

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Think of how hilarious you are, then imagine having to either explain your jokes to someone or you crack jokes that he/she doesn’t understand? Such a relationship already makes me sad just thinking about it, to be honest.

Conversation-killing Chats

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You see all those people that just reply with “lol”, “xup” “xoxo mizz you”, “switz, hw r u doin?” and very cringe-worthy messages that just irks you totally. And there are those that the conversations are more like interrogations than anything else. The replies aren’t motivating you to continue so the best thing to do is ‘kiss two fingers, then face the person with the fingers and say “E GO BE”‘.


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