8 Drink Stands You Must Visit at The Lagos International Drink Festival

Because we adore drinks

If you’re the type who claims they don’t fancy drinking, then the International Drink Festival isn’t the place for you. But, if you’re the jovial type who fancies classy booze and is down to have fun then you better head to the IDF happening at Federal Palace Hotel in VI on December 1st – December 3rd.

I’ve been to a few food/drink festivals and it’s safe to say this drink fest happens to be the best HANDS DOWN. Why? Because almost everything is free. LITERALLY. If you missed the first day of the drink fest, don’t fret, we gotchu, below are the 8 drink stands you MUST visit.

1. Gala Rosa Stand: I’ve never been a fan of white wine but the Gala Rosa white wine made me a believer. If you’re the type who’s not a fan of drinking and you want to dabble in drinking, then I suggest you try a few sips of Gala Rosa white wine. It’s safe to say their white wine is the sweetest white wine you’d ever taste and the crowd you’d meet at their stand would testify to this.

2. Sabrina Gin Stand: I know you’re probably thinking Sabrina is a liquor for touts and street urchins, but that’s probably because you’ve never tasted Sabrina made by a certified mixologist. A few ladies at the stand were sceptical about the brand but after tasting a glass made by a mixologist they changed their minds and asked for seconds. This gin drink is VERY affordable and goes down smoothly.

3. Best Liquor Stand: I recommend you try their spicy rum liquor. To be honest I’m not a fan of rum because it has a pungent taste but after their mixologist made me a spicy rum cocktail I was telling another story. Did I forget to mention how affordable it is.

4. Barcadi White Rum Stand: I’m not even going to lie, Barcadi id very expensive but the dude serving the free samples is hands down the most generous mixologist in the whole event. He’d serve you a full red cup of a white rum Bacardi cocktail and you’re guaranteed to get tipsy from the drink.

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5. Ruby Wine Stand: The Ruby stand has the nicest servers who will gist with you and explain how they make their products. Apparently, it’s the only made in Nigerian alcoholic drink in the whole event (according to them), I recommend you try their white wine. It’s sinfully delicious.

6. Jelzin Liquor Stand: Their drinks are on the high side but it’s quite tasty. Their free samples are delicious and it tantalizes the pallets. You should try out their strawberry liquor, they say it’s for ladies but well, it’s delicious AF.

7. Boomsky Smoothies Stand: They have this delicious and coarse Banana Coconut milk smoothie that’s to die for. I’d have to say they have the MOST EXPENSIVE smoothies I’ve ever seen but their free samples are quite tasty.

8. Dominio Wine Stand: Probably the classiest drink in the whole event. Their wine is the kind of wine you use to cook gourmet meals and I’d recommend you try their white wine; it pairs well with grilled or oven baked fish. They also have a connoisseur who’d explain the origin of their wine and how to properly drink it.

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