8 Badass Female Characters That Will Inspire You On #InternationalWomensDay

As we celebrate International Women’s Day today, below are eight extremely badass female live-adapted comic book characters that have not only won our hearts over the years but are characters that we can emulate, learn from and be inspired by achievements and feats in no particular order.

Black Widow

While many people are of the opinion that Black Widow is among the lower tier of heroes in the MCU roaster, she is in fact, one of the most important characters. To start with, she has appeared in just as many movies as the big three (Iron Man, Captain America & Thor) without having a solo movie of her own, she was worthy enough to escape Thanos’ snap, and Scarlett Johansson is the second-highest-paid in the MCU, only beaten by Robert Downey Jnr.

Captain Marvel

Marvel’s first female-led superhero movie is set to hit theatres soon and there is a certain hype about Brie Larson’s character that will no doubt be the wildcard in making sure that The Avengers undo Thanos’ snap in Avengers: Endgame. The beauty of the MCU’s Captain Marvel is that in a universe that has Thor, Hulk, Scarlett Witch and many other strong superheroes, Captain Marvel is said to be the strongest character by Kevin Feige, being able to move planets easily.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones had a rough past and literally had her mind shattered to pieces by Kilgrave. However, she not only continued marching on and putting the pieces of her mind and life back together, but she is also one of the best detectives in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, being able to solve crimes that the likes of Danny Rand, SHIELD and other rich characters and organisations usually can’t.

Wonder Woman

DC’s strongest female character was the first movie in the DCEU to get almost every accolade gettable, especially when you consider the calibre of movies that had come out of the studio so far. But that isn’t what makes Wonder Woman an inspirational character, the Amazon princess can go toe-to-toe and defeat powerhouses like Superman (which she has done on multiple occasions), Doomsday, Darkseid and more.

She is the one character that the likes of Superman, Batman (with all his prep time), and Martian Manhunter have said time and time again that they would rather not fight because they are not sure they’ll walk out of the fight alive.


In the Arrowverse, there is always one character that immediately comes to mind when power is needed. Flash will gladly run to her universe at the first sign of serious trouble to enlist her help because she is Supergirl – literally the strongest character in the Arrowverse. And the crossovers just prove how valuable and important she is to the overall universe. I surely can’t wait to see the part she will play in the 2019 Crisis on Infinite Earth’s crossover.


Even though Hela is not a superhero, it will be unfair not to mention her, because she is so strong, the strongest army in the entire universe couldn’t defeat her. The Asgardians, Thor and his Revengers and other characters couldn’t match up to her, Odin feared her strength so much, he imprisoned her in Hel with his own lifeforce, and it took a sword that was to bring Ragnarok itself to defeat her. If that doesn’t scream badass, then I really don’t know what else does.

Felicity Smoak

Yes, Oliver Queen has a perfect aim, Diggle is extremely skilled, Mr Terrific, Wild Dog and Black Canary are all great in their own regard, but the real backbone of Team Arrow, the one who if she isn’t around, the team will crumble in seconds is Felicity Smoak. Behind the computer, she is even more skilled than all of Team Arrow put together as she is the one who makes sure they get to save the day. Her skills are so recognised that Team Flash usually enlists her help sometimes.


Vanya went from being a nobody that almost everyone dumped on, to becoming the strongest character in The Umbrella Academy. From being a liability, she became powerful enough to bring about the end of the world with just a violin. Vanya is so badass, that the only way to stop her is to go back in time and try to undo their mistake before it happens, much like how the Avengers may have to go back in time to undo Thanos’ decimation. It took Thanos gathering the full infinity stones to destroy half the world when all it took Vanya was a violin.

The characters listed above are all awesome in their own rights and as we celebrate Women’s Day, let them all inspire us with their abilities, skills, level of strength and general badassness.

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