VIBE LIST: 7 ways Nigerian entertainers can avoid baby mama drama

Children should be products of purpose and pleasure…

Not receipts of random wild Friday nights.

– Anonymous

It has recently become a trend for women to show up on social media with claims of being pregnant for our dear entertainers (especially musicians). In fact, the most recent one upon us involves an actual 4 year-old being dragged into a paternity mess.  

Having a fat account that will take care of your great grand children is nice; but that is definitely not an excuse to discard the planning process. Trust me, financial security can only do so much for a child’s mental and emotional health.

As an entertainer whose job revolves around visiting new cities, ‘turnt’ shows and after-parties, meeting attractive women might be somewhat inevitable. However, keeping these 7 tips in mind will help you avoid unnecessary future scandals and years of paying for child support grudgingly.

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Employ your girlfriend:

Get a committed main squeeze and if possible, hire her as your road manager. At least when the unexpected happens, a paternity test would not be so necessary.

Get Married

On a more serious note, (no pressure here though) if you know bae is the one you will eventually end up with, why not just get it over and done with? I agree that marriage affects fandom but if P-Square can still retain their appeal, then that part of it can be managed. It is definitely far better than having your morals and career up for public dissection following a baby scandal. 

Sign or decline

It’s all fun and games until baby mama drama costs you your career. There should be some legal document you can whip out before you engage in your fornication  intimate relations. No seriously… it should also address this issue I hear of girls wrapping their legs around entertainers right when they are about to ermm… eject their discs.

Invest in sex toys

If the weenie won’t stay in the jeanie, (lmao) get some inflatable doll or something. Oh this applies to the girls too. You pretty much achieve the same almost the same purpose and still save yourself the stress until you are ready for the commitment of becoming a parent.

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Travel with a group

Traveling to shows with your friends and even sharing a room might just help reduce the urge to engage in anything that might cause you regrets later. 


This, my friends, is the most trusted way. Zip it up. Conserving and channeling your energy into other productive things will not only keep you away from the baby mama mess; it will also provide clearer focus in other areas of your life.


Countries that provide condoms for free are not crazy. Matter of fact, there are a gazillion other things to consider besides pregnancy before sticking your you know what in God knows where.

As far as the lifestyle of an entertainer is concerned, costly mistakes are bound to happen. In the case that it does, try your best to properly address the situation many miles away from the media.

This is an aside: If you are required to have a licence to drive a car, shouldn’t the same apply to parenting?


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