7 Local Nigerian Tv Stations That Made Growing Up Fun

Lie that when you were growing up you didn’t have those fat Tv’s that you’d have to keep turning the antennas to get good reception. Lie that once in a while when the Tv misbehaved you didn’t give it one or two slaps to reset it and make it properly work. The good old days.

It’s close to impossible to go to a Nigerian home that has a Tv without having cable or a satellite dish. Sadly, this wasn’t always the case. Back in the day’s cable and satellite tv was exclusively for the rich and elite class of Nigeria while the remaining citizens were stuck with local tv stations, the upside of that is that the local tv stations of those days were popping and were dropping fire shows back to back. While we won’t be quick to say the shows aired on tv then shaped us, we can all agree that they made growing up more fun and worthwhile.

The tv stations that would be mentioned below would be relatable to mostly people who grew up in Lagos state and it’s safe to say all these stations aired shows that made growing up fun for us.

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1. Silverbird Tv

This station just came out of nowhere and changed the game. It made other stations step up and it’s target audience was the Nigerian youths and kids. It aired a lot of cartoons and American shows that made a lot of viewers port from their old stations and gave their loyalty to Silverbird. In a way, Silverbird changed the game of modern Nigerian television.

2. AIT

When it comes to local series like ‘Everyday people, Family circle, Checkmate’ and the likes, AIT was always on top. It was the channel families would watch while eating dinner together because it had a plethora of local show content that people could relate to.

3. DBN
In my opinion, the selling point of DBN was it’s late night movies. It had this daily show where they’d suggest three new Hollywood movies and have the viewers call in to choose which they wanted to watch and the movie with the highest votes got played immediately.

4. MBI

Also similar to DBN, It’s selling point was the fact that it always aired recent Hollywood movies late at night.

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5. Super Screen

Super Screen showed a lot of Nollywood movies and leaned towards showing Yoruba movies. The older folks loved it because of the consistent Nollywood content it was always airing.


Like Superscreen, MITV also aired an array of Nollywood movies and shows. It had some original show content that made it a favourite to the viewers.

7. Channels Television

It’s safe to say Channels Television is an OG when it comes to Nigerian Television stations. It’s one of the most consistent Tv stations that appealed to both the young and old viewers and if we’re to say any Tv station influenced us when growing up we’d have to call channels. It regularly dished cartoons our way, it showed wildlife documentaries and it was consistent on reporting news on the hour.

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