6 Things To Keep In Mind This New Year’s Eve

If you are reading this, congratulations! You made it to the last day of this rather interesting set of 52 weeks called 2016.  Although everyone has a different version of how their year went down, one thing is for certain. We all want a better 2017; including DJ Cuppy (-_-).


Hopefully, these 6 tips will keep you afloat after you ditch your mission impossible resolutions on the 2nd day of January. :p

Worry Less, Strategize More

Take it from a (hopefully former) professional worrier; worrying has never solved a single problem. Redirect that urge to throw a self pity party into weighing your situation(s) with the mindset of a problem solver. Here’s a way to look at it. There is always a way out; worrying casts a cloud over this “way” while strategizing illuminates the path.


Create and recreate positive energy

It is time for you to take the reins and control the kind of vibe you produce and flourish in. Place a premium on your peace, cut off anything that is contrary to this peace (especially people and thoughts) and be sure you are not someone else’s bad energy yourself.


Plan, Plan and  Plan again

Even if you suck at keeping to it, keep planning. Even if you derail, Plan. If it doesn’t work, Plan again.

More alone time

Spend a tangible time laughing and holding discussions with yourself in the mirror. Meditate if you want. Binge eat if you like(moderately, people) but be sure to retreat once in a while to a place where you can comfortably let your guards down and take the masks off.



This has got to be the hardest of the pack but it is achievable. Strive to do what you have to do when it is due instead of spending 2017 firefighting and troubleshooting what could be easily avoided.

Remember to count your blessings

There will be temptations to count and recount losses but choosing to remember the good things that happen to you is always the better option. If you can, write them down.

That being said, enjoy your transition into the new year and remember,




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