6 Important Things To Note When Preparing For Your Journey As An Indie Artist


From someone who knows a lot of indie artists, take it from me, being an independent artist is a whole lot of work. It can get really hectic at times, especially if you are not sure what direction to move in or what to focus on first.

Like I always say, music is a business and time is money, so you need to spend your time wisely and come up with a way to spend less time with greater results. Know the intricacies involved with distribution, promote with a purpose. As an artist, your goal is to make great music and get it heard by the masses, so it’s time to buckle down and focus on the right things to further your career. Below is a list of some of the main things you should note when preparing for your journey as an artist.

1. The Art

Ask yourself these important questions; are you a master of your craft? Do you create singles? Do you have enough material for an album or mixtape? Do you have a steady recording studio? Has your music been mastered? What makes you stand out amongst the other hundreds of thousands of artist’s out there? (are you marketable?) Why should someone buy your music? (Remember, getting people to buy into your brand is the main goal). These are all things that you really need to think about and focus on before you make any other moves. Without your product, you have nothing to promote and showcase. Make sure that your music is up to par before deciding to move onto the next agenda. Never get ahead of yourself, take it one step at a time. Think of your music/music video as your commercial – you want your music to make others want to buy your product. Make sure that you get the best quality possible for your budget. Quality over quantity. One hot original single, fully mastered, with a very professional video is better than a whole mixtape full of ‘bars’ on industry beats.

2. Your Brand

Getting your music out there also involves getting your brand out there. What do others think of you aside from your music? What do you stand for? You need to put forward a consistent public image that everyone can associate you with. Understand who you are as an artist, come up with a logo that properly represents you and your brand. Your brand is what you represent, it makes you stand out. Your Twitter avi, Facebook profile picture, logo, sound, image, personality, and beliefs are all a part of what makes up your brand. What do people associate you with?

This will help you with marketing and merchandise, and it will give fans a clear picture of who you are. Your brand should be developed and based on the real you, this will allow you to genuinely market yourself, instead of trying to portray an image of someone that you are not.

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