6 Awesome Ice Cream Spots You Have To Visit In Lagos

Once upon a time in Nigeria Icecream just had three flavours, Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry. We lived in blissful ignorance and enjoyed those three flavours without knowing that there was more to Ice cream than just those three simple flavours.

Fast forward a few years later, there’s zobo icecream and even if you want to get wasted there’s Rum and vodka ice cream. There are even shops dedicated to selling a plethora of icecreams and sorbets and below are our top 6 spots.


Known for its plethora of flavours and random celebratory discounts, an ice cream list without cold stone would be incomplete. The selling point of this creamery is the fact that their ice cream takes a long period before it melts and that’s because a bit of pudding is added to the ice cream mix. If you want to be overwhelmed with flavours then cold stone is your go-to place.


Ice Cream factory arguably has the finest interior design with this cool and suave coffee shop vibe to it. On this list they have the most affordable prices for their ice cream and one doesn’t have to break the bank when going to their indulge themselves in their place. Ice cream factory would be a perfect spot for a first date.


Think FroYo, Think Pink berry. With it’s variety of frozen youghurt flavours, Pink belly would spoil you with awesome choices and leave your tastebuds in pure bliss.


The Kings of Gelato, hans and rene have loads of healthy gelato choices with the nicest staff who’d make you feel like a king.. or queen. Apart from their gelatos and ice creams, their cakes are to die for.


Most people love sweet kiwi FroYo because of the buffet of colourful toppings one gets alongside their frozen yoghurt. Let’s not forget the beautiful and colourful interior that would leave you yearning to take a beautiful Instagram worthy picture.


This Cafe is the 2Baba and D’banj of the ice cream and dessert restaurant world. They are arguably the first cafe in Lagos to sell varieties of Icecrea and they were also the first shop to sell American glazed doughnuts in Lagos. Affiliated to Cafe Royal, Chocolate Royale has some dope ice cream flavours with a beautiful ambience that are Instagram picture worthy.

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