The types of teachers you’d definitely see at Nigeria government schools

To mark #Worldsteachers day, here are some of the various types of teachers you’d have most likely met. Teachers are the protectors of the future and in my honest opinion they deserve and should be rewarded by quite an attractive salary. Which is why it’s a bummer that they aren’t among the highest earners in the country.

  • The extremely wicked ones that have no goodness in them: They literally ooze evil. When students see them, they flee for their lives.
  • The mother/father figure types: These ones literally adopt you, especially if you the brightest student in the class or the dullest, whichever.
  • The ones that cannot come and die: They only enter class once a month, and even at that they only just drop their lesson notes for the class prefect to copy out on the board with just 5 mins explanation.
  • The I shall be principal next month types: Their dreams and aspirations are very high even if they’re at the lowest rung of the ladder.
  • The extremely friendly types: The ones that are the friends to every teacher and student alike. Everybody likes them because of their warm & friendly nature.
  • The pervy teachers: They always seem to find their way to teaching biology (weird). These ones (mostly males) like to give elaborate details and explanation down to even sharing personal sordid tales.
  • The very passionate ones:They so love their job and treat it like their God-given purpose. They love to teach and are very good at it.
  • The clueless ones: These ones never seem to understand the subject matter they teach talkless of trying to teach it to a bunch of ignorant students.
  • The ones that can flog for Africa: This are the go-to teachers for other teachers when the need arises for the whole class or a student to be disciplined. They love to flog as it enriches and add more joy to their already dreadful existence. They also happen to be mostly math teachers.

Nevertheless, we love our teachers! They come in different shapes, colors and sizes. May they live long and get their reward for impacting our life’s here on earth and also in heaven (goes without saying).

If you have any more types, do write in the comment session.

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