Asking A Nigerian Girl Out: 5 Innovative Ways To Do It

This might not work for the basic Nigerian girl though because some of the things mentioned below are somewhat elitist and ‘White’. The regular ways guys ask a girl out i s either by just saying it out plainly and asking them out, or having s3x with the girl a few times and automatically it means they are an item.

If you wan’t to have an awesome ‘how i asked her out story’, ask her out in one of these 5 ways.

1. VIA CAKE: Not the most original of the methods listed here, but it is very cute, and the girls love it. Basically, send her a cake, doughnut, or whatever other confectionery you know she likes with the proposition written upon it in icing. You could even have it written upon a number of cupcakes all reiterating the same message in different ways.

2. VIA MONTAGE: Create a photo montage of multiple shots showing you holding up signs of words spelling out the message to ask her out. There are plenty of available forums on the internet to post this where she can “accidentally” come across it.

3. VIA PIZZA: Similar to number 1, but for the less fluffy type of girl. How about sending her the invitation to go out on a date upon a pizza with the message spelled out in salami, olives, or whatever her favorite topping is?

4. VIA MUSIC: If you have any kind of a musical talent, why not do what crooners have been doing for millennia, and write her a song. Try and avoid the classical Shakespearian midnight serenade, however, especially if she still lives with a father who possesses a shotgun and a particular dislike for his daughter’s taste in men.

5. VIA RADIO: get in touch with her favorite local radio station and get the invitation sent over the radio waves at a time when you know she’ll be driving to or from work.

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