5 Foods to Avoid at Night and Why

Midnight snacking is something we’ve all been culprits to once or twice…or three times. All the forces of hunger tend to hit us hard when it’s way to late to eat at night. Instead of reaching for the tastiest snacks and food, it is always a good idea to switch them for fruits and vegetables (easier said than done). Here we have 5 foods that shouldn’t be taken after a certain time say 9pm.

  • Caffeine

Drinks rich in caffeine are a no no once it’s past bedtime. Coffee which is the main caffeine being consumed by many though has served people by keeping them awake to finish some work. However, when taken even as early as 6pm, it has been shown to disrupt sleep.

  • Dairy Fat

Drinking warm milk before bed can aid a peaceful sleep and this is because a sleep inducing amino acid is present in the drink. However, consuming foods rich in high calorie -butter or cheese will really clog your system and reduce the quality of sleep you get.

  • Beans

Consuming beans late at night leads to excessive gas and bloating which will disrupt the sleep quality and extend into the next day.

  • Oily/Spicy foods

Avoid late eating of oily foods as they cause indigestion. Spices lead to flatulence and disturbed sleep.

  • Alcohol

Taking alcohol gets you drowsy and disrupts sleep. The intoxicated feeling will end up messing the peaceful sleep you had imagined.

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