5 Films To Watch To Help You Vote Wisely & Pass Election Time With

To be honest, I’m low-key thankful that INEC postponed the election last week because I was kind of down and wasn’t able to write this post. As fun and this post is, it will also be very enlightening and can – in a way – help you understand politics, our history, and who deserves your thumbprint during the weekend. And if you aren’t going out to vote, the movies below also double down as choices to pass the time with.

  • If I Am President

“If I Am President,” tells the story of 37-year old Zinachi Ohams from a political party made up of young idealists and recently metamorphosed from a Civil Society Organization. The group make a push into the murky and rough political terrain, armed with little more than their ideals, and wade through challenges of nasty politically engineered attacks, to emerge as the party and candidate to beat in the elections.

  • House of Cards

After being denied the Secretary of State position he was promised, House Majority Whip Frank Underwood begins a ruthless and corrupt climb of the political ladder that takes his career to unprecedented heights as his wife, Claire, searches for her place to dominate in her husband’s spotlight.

  • October 1

October 1 is a Nollywood movie by Kunle Afolayan and tells the story of a serial rapist and killer whose actions threatened to disrupt the upcoming Independence Day celebrations. The story also shows another side of the British Colonialism and low-key reveals how our country hasn’t really been the same since.

  • ’76

The story is told from two points of view: that of a young pregnant woman, and that of her husband, a soldier accused of being involved in the 1976 military coup and assassination of General Murtala Mohammed, the Head-of-State of Nigeria.

  • The Real Story of Nigeria by Jide Olanrewaju

Of the movies on this list, this is definitely the most important. The Real Story of Nigeria is a documentary that tells the undiluted story of how Nigeria came to be where it is today. Right from before the British took over, all through the civil war, and what is making Nigeria still be the severely underdeveloped country it is today. The documentary is available on YouTube and you can watch it below.

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