#419: The Sorry State of The Nigerian Copyrights Commission

Of the many things plaguing the creative industry, piracy is by far the greatest problem. Over the years, there have been “countermeasures” put in place by the government to fight piracy, which has been ineffective as the pirates finding backdoors to keep on perpetrating evil. One would think that the Nigerian Copyrights Commission would be well equipped to fight piracy, but that is actually not the case and now we know why.

In a shocking revelation by Akinyemi Law on Instagram, the building of the Nigerian Copyrights Commission was shown to be in a very dilapidated state with no equipment, computers, power, and lacked everything needed to actually enforce copyrights. Check out the Instagram post below.

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Source: A lawyer's Facebook post. My egbon @segun_sky1 brought this to my attention. "Today, I went to the office of the Nigerian Copyrights Commission in Lagos to submit a copy of my new publication and this is the sorry state of the place. If I had more time I would have got worse pictures from around the place but I was going for a meeting. The place is dingy and smelly. There are no computers at all in the entire place. There was no power supply for the entire time I was there. This is a country that wants to fight piracy and encourage the production of intellectual works. Please tag any performer, musician, artiste, writer, publisher, blogger, government official, the federal ministry of information, etc you know. Please spread this till it gets to the right quarters. This is the shame of a nation." MY THOUGHTS How can Nigeria's Creative Industries work? If only we know how much we lose cos we don't pay attention to the IP INDUSTRIES. #CreativeIndustryNarrative

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A lot of questions immediately comes to mind, but the important ones are; how serious is the government willing to fight piracy and corruption? How do you expect to fight piracy and help creatives earn what their works deserve in a building like that, with little to no equipment and amenities? With the many advancements in technology and the equipments an I.T will require to make sure copyright infringement policies are held (the same equipment and technology that the pirates have and are using to steal money from the creatives), what exactly is the use of the NCC if they do not have the means to actually do what they were made to do?

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This is further proof of the lack of government to uphold its oath to make the standard of living better for the average Nigerian. The Nigerian Copyrights Commission are more of a threat than the pirates themselves because there is nothing worse than putting your hopes in a body that was made to fight evil, only for the body to sit back, relax, drink tea, gist and laugh while watching the evildoers actually get away with their crimes.

Isn’t this a serious threat to pop culture, creative works, and things that are actually meant to put Nigeria on the map and give our creatives the recognition, respect, and revenue they actually deserve?

It is nothing short of sad, and the government clearly needs to step up and do what is right for the creatives.

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