10 Wizkid Features That’ll Remain Evergreen

If we called Wizkid a living legend when it comes to music, we won’t be utterly wrong. Apart from the fact that Wizkid has churned out evergreen music and blessed our ears in Melodies he’s also helped musicians ‘blow’ their music by being featured in their songs.

Below are 10 songs that Wizkid was featured in that we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

1. Energy

With 14 million views on Youtube, Skepta and Wizkid created magic with this mellow track of theirs. While Wizkid took the chorus, Skepta held the verses down with his rap and this song was one of the official anthems for 2018.

2. One Dance

This is the song that broke Wizkid in the US as Drake featured him and Kyla and it became an instant hit. Also, this was the track that in a way introduced afrobeats to the world so we can thank Wizkid for that.

3. Baddest Boy

Listening to this song would bring back Nostalgia as Wizkid was still in EME records and giving us jams. Arguably this was his best EME feature of all time.

4. Pull Over

That year when Kcee was still popping, He decided to tagteam Wizkid in one of his tracks and best believe the track became an instant hit with Wizkid blessing him with a catchy and beautiful chorus.

5. Girl

Another emotional and romantic jam that can double as a party mix, Bracket featured Wizkid in this jam and best believe he delivered a beautiful Chorus and also dropped some beautiful verse. Would we still rock this jam in a club in 2019? Hell Yeah!!!

6. For Example

Remember that time Kswitch dropped that jam that Olamide spat fire and was subbing other rappers, well, Wizkid was there too and it was in that track he dropped his popular ‘I get Porsche, I crash the Porsche, in another week I get another Porsche’.

7. Molowo Noni

That year that Wizkid and Samklef were besties and Samklef use to feature Wizkid in almost all his tracks. Molowo Noni has to be the best Wizkid and Samklef feature of all time.

8. Nothing Like Me

Before Wizkid blew to be the superstar we all know and love, he was featured by Knitghthouse’s Twizzle featuring stars like Mo’chedda and Eva. His voice was still young and Fresh then, to me this song remains evergreen.

9. Jonzing World

Another evergreen feature where Wizkid shone and showed us that he’s a force to be reckoned with when music is involved.

10. Omo To Shan

One of Olamide’s biggest features when he was still up and coming, Wizkid blessed his track with a beautiful and catchy chorus and even gave him a beautiful verse.

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