10 Sultry Things To Say To Her To Leave Her Wet

Apparently, words are a very powerful tool and when it right words are said to a girl it can start up the foreplay and leave her dripping wet before you even touch her. When said at the right time, dirty talk can score you some bonus points with the ladies. If you’re not that creative with creating phrases for dirty talk we’re here to help you out. Here are a few things you could say to her that leave here crazy over you, and we’re talking about the good kind of crazy.

1. “Tonight, I want you to be in charge.”

2. “I want to strip you down and feel your body from top to bottom.”

3. “Just the thought of you naked drives me crazy.”

4. “I wish my hands were combing through your hair, pulling it, making you groan with pleasure.”

5. “I want you riding me right now.”

6. “Can’t you tell how horny you make me just by being you?”

7. “I’ve been thinking about being inside of you all day.”

8. “I love the way you taste.”

9. “Tonight, I am yours. Tell me what you want.”

10. “I’m going turn you around and you’re going to take it.”

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